Tuesday 6 November 2018

My Pyrenean Mountain Dog – the last goodbye

It’s very hard to say goodbye to a dog that you love. Last Friday I had to take the hard decision to euthanize my beloved dog. She has been with me every day from her first moments of life. She was born here at my home. Her mother was my beloved dog, Bethan. I won’t go into her illness here. That’s not something I want to dwell upon. I prefer to remember her as she was, until the very last few days of her life. She was beautiful, a real character, bouncy, bubbly and affectionate. We called this pup Seven Of Nine because she was the seventh of a litter of nine and, well, it seemed appropriate. We had planned to call her something more poetic later on. But her pup name stuck, though we shortened it to Seven. I miss her more than I can tell you…

My beautiful dog, Seven (foreground) with her sister Beryl, from a few years ago. Happy days!